My name is Kristoffer and I'm a software developer from Sweden.
I love problem solving and consider programming as an art form.
Been turning coffee into code professionally since 2010 but started programming long before that.

You can reach me on
[email protected]

Curriculum Vitae Pdf

Below here are some of my own projects that I've been working on.
For code examples and open source projects, check my github.


grabler logo - discontinued

Co-Founder & Lead Developer

Cloud based document management and online request system. For this project we used .NET, Angular and hosted everything in Azure. This project is Discontinued and does no longer exist.


zmbis logo


Zmbis is a top down zombie shooter created with Unity3D.
The game is out on both IOS and Android.

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Random from my blog

C# — UnitOfWork And Repository Pattern

For data store insulation and test driven development

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Obfuscate your C# code in Unity3d

In this article I’m writing about how you can obfuscate your C# code in Unity3d. As you probably already know your C# script code is stored in a .dll file and that file can easily be decompiled and read just like an open book. It is pretty much impossible to prevent anyone to reverse engineer your code, anyone who got your application will be able to do it. However you can make it harder for someone to read your code by obfuscate it.

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Project Architecture — The Onion Architecture

A simple and clean test driven friendly project structure for any big back end solution.

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JavaScript —Searching through arrays

Convert your arrays to objects first to avoid too many iterations and speed up your code

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